In Jewelry – Silver is the New Gold

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Gift of Happiness Social Team


If you have a mom or grandmother on the senior’s tour you’ve probably marveled at some of the extraordinary pieces of jewelry in their collections – even if they weren’t of great means.


How is this possible, you ask? Simple – gold essentially traded at a fixed price of $35 per ounce from 1934 to 1971.


Since then, the price of gold has been allowed to float freely and has appreciated by a multiple of some 37X and today stands at approximately $1,300 per ounce.


Great news if you have a lot of gold. Terrible news if you have a $100 to $200 budget to find a nice piece of gold jewelry as a gift.  You’ll either need a microscope to find it or a bigger budget – but something will have to give.

The Other Precious Metal


With gold now priced in the stratosphere, silver is fast coming out from behind the shadow of gold as the precious metal of choice when it comes to jewelry. In fact, sterling silver represented some 60% of Fashion Jewelry sales at Tiffany & Co. in 2013.


Dr. Lisa Cottone of Franjuli Jewelry


Here at Gift of Happiness, we’re in love with Argentium or fine silver which has a greater resistance to tarnishing than sterling does.


And we especially love jewelry that is handcrafted right here in America.


Which brings us to an artist that we’d like to introduce you to – Dr. Lisa Cottone of Franjuli Jewelry.  Lisa’s medium of choice is metal crochet as she honors her grandmother, with each piece that is painstakingly created, who taught her how to crochet as a child.


We think Lisa’s wearable art offers the rare combination of luxurious style, high quality and excellent value.


Please check out her collection Franjuli at Gift of www.giftofhappiness.org




(accessible to the trade only)



ETHICAL METALSMITHS: www.ethicalmetalsmiths.org

We are so proud to be a member of this great organization and to be committed to making beautiful jewelry in a manner kind to our earth and its inhabitants.


ARTICLE: Creativity & The Brain: How to Find that Elusive Commodity, by Dr. Lisa Cottone & Melinda Dus


Franjuli founder and artist, Dr. Lisa Cottone, co-authors this engaging article on how to unleash your creative potential. With a background in neuroscience, Cottone explores that magical place where neurobiology and creativity meet.




TAFAlist.com: Visit www.TAFAlist.com to find extraordinary textile artists and creations from across the world.  We are proud to be featured among the incredible talent found on this site: www.tafalist.com/members/franjuli.


FEATURED ARTIST: Franjuli artist and founder Lisa Cottone is honored as a Featured Artist by Artsy Shark: www.artsyshark.com   Click this link to learn more about Lisa's journey from science to art and what inspires her exquisite crochet work...


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