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Lisa Cottone, Ph.D.

Founding Artist, Franjuli LLC




High resolution images are available for all products on our website.  Please be sure to credit: Ken Cox of Kronus:photo and Peter Italiano for photography.


Artist Bio: From Science to Art


Lisa Cottone, founding artist of Franjuli, is inspired by her personal and professional journey through the natural, scientific, and creative realms.  As a scientist, Dr. Cottone studied the human brain, but ultimately found her calling as an artist, translating her scientific observations into art. Using silver wire, painstakingly crocheted and adorned with gems, she stylishly transforms the beauty and ingenuity of nature’s patterns into wearable form.  Lisa Cottone lives and works in Huntington, NY and has made it a priority to incorporate sustainable materials and practices into her work.





Why Customers LOVE Franjuli: Tarnish-Resistant: Franjuli pieces are crocheted using fine silver or argentium sterling, both of which are tarnish-resistant and easy to care for. Responsible Luxury: Not only is our jewelry eye-catching, lightweight and comfortable to wear, but it is easy on the conscience too! We make it a priority to use ethically-responsible precious metals and gemstones. Handcrafted in the USA: All our pieces are created by loving hands in the USA. Feel the beauty and depth of an intricately crocheted piece by founding artist Lisa Cottone.

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