Product Care


Congratulations on your Franjuli purchase!


To ensure that you enjoy your jewelry for many years to come, please follow these guidelines to care for your new purchase:


• Franjuli jewelry is not intended for children under 7 years of age.


• Franjuli jewelry is crocheted using tarnish-resistant materials, such as fine silver and argentium sterling. However, the pieces may eventually display some tarnish. It is thus recommended to keep items in a sealed anti-tarnish bag when not in use.


• To remove any tarnish that may appear over time, we recommend using an easy and all-natural baking soda-aluminum foil method of tarnish removal (click here) or simply rub gently with a polishing cloth.  You may also use a polishing dip, such as Tarn-X, though be sure to check if it is safe for any gemstones that are in your piece.


• Please DO NOT wear jewelry in a pool or hot tub as chlorine and other chemicals may discolor gemstones and argentium sterling; please also avoid sleeping with jewelry on.


• If your Franjuli purchase contains gemstones, please take care to clean your jewelry appropriately.  Certain gems, such as topaz or opal (among others), should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaned. Please refer to the this chart to determine what cleaning method is appropriate for your jewelry.
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